Attention: Ladies Wanting to Quit Dairy

The simplest step-by-step plan to take you from:

  • bloated 

  • gassy  

  • acne-prone dairy-free and loving it

(and you might even lose a few lbs)

What will it take to start listening to your body & prioritizing your own health?

A wake-up call?

This is it.

Let’s be honest:

  • Your body is clearly telling you that dairy is not your friend.

  • You’re tired of the constipation (or diarrhea), painful bloat and needing to be near a bathroom after you eat dairy

  • You feel like you can’t give it up because it’s just too good (pssst… it’s an addiction!) 

  • You know you want to give it up so you feel better but the reality of living dairy free feels daunting 

  • You know that dairy is affecting your day-to-day life (and even outings with friends) and you’ve just about had enough


Sound familiar? Let’s talk about how I can help you go from suffering to freedom.


What you can look forward to on this journey:

  • Forget about bloat, constipation, painful gas, digestive challenges or feeling crappy 

  • Feel good in your body & at ease with the process of living dairy-free

  • Gain a new mindset that keeps you on track so you can finally put your health first

  • Learn the #1 tool to break your brain’s addiction so you never have cheese FOMO again

Your body has been speaking to you about your love/hate relationship with dairy - and it’s time you finally listened.

5 years ago I was having what I THOUGHT were recurring yeast infections – but through testing there was no actual infection to treat – just the yucky symptoms. A food allergy test with a naturopath finally gave me answers, showing dairy as one of the main culprits.

I had been in so much pain, I knew something had to change - but when I thought about giving up my beloved cheese - I cried (seriously).

I just wasn't sure I could do it - but my body was telling me it was time to give it up.

Lucky for me, I was 7 years recovered from an eating disorder and had broken through addiction before – so when I learned that the dopamine receptors in my brain were literally hooked on dairy, I used the tools that helped me break free from past addictions.

I was able to stop eating dairy (and my beloved cheese) by dealing with the cravings and educating myself on replacements and alternatives --  it just became a new way of life.

I’ve been dairy-free for over 5 years now and when I think back to what I put myself through I can’t believe I made myself suffer for so long.

Life is just so much better now!

My good friend Jen made the connection between dairy and her asthma. Once she realized the link, she was able to drop her asthma meds and VERY quickly realized that – damn – that gas, bloat and emergency trips to the bathroom were actually lactose intolerance

I hear so many women say “I could never give up dairy” even though their body is telling them they need to – so I took my 10+ years of coaching experience helping tens of thousands of women globally to create this mini-course and help other women who are suffering find the freedom that I did.


Break Up With Dairy in 7 Days Mini-Course

Everything you need to break your brain’s addiction to dairy, feel better in your body and give up the cheese FOMO.

Stop ignoring your body’s lactose intolerance.

Give up the excuses that you ‘could never give up dairy/cheese’.

It’s time to take your health back. Step-by-step you will learn everything you need to know to begin a new exciting chapter of your dairy-free life. 

You’re about to feel better than ever (trust me).

It’s time you stopped making excuses for your dairy addiction & took back your health (& freedom from the bathroom)


Here’s what you’ll get in the Break Up with Dairy in 7 Days Mini-Course:

Video Training: 7 Steps to Break Up with Dairy 

These small bite size videos (2-7 minutes each) will guide you through the process of becoming dairy-free (and leaving no stone unturned). 

They are short and easy to digest (you could get through the entire program within 1.5 hours if you’re the binging type - or watch one day at a time for 7 days)

You’ll learn:

  • How dairy addiction works in the brain and what to do about it

  • How to create a WHY that will keep you motivated in the process

  • What the best dairy alternatives are

  • How to change your mindset from lack to abundance

  • How going dairy-free not only positively impacts your health but the planet and animals too

  • How to navigate social situations, restaurants and outings without anxiety

  • How to make dishes creamy without dairy

  • How to meet your vitamin and mineral needs without dairy 

EFT/Tapping Video for Dairy Cravings

This tool will change the game for you when it comes to cravings - something you can come back to over and over when it feels challenging (until your brain gets on board with your new dairy-free life – then you won't need it at all anymore)

Comprehensive Resource Guide

Tips, tools, recipes, resources and replacements to guide you on your journey so you aren’t left with questions or confusion

Pre-Written Texts You Can Copy and Paste

Use these to communicate with hosts ahead of social gatherings so you know what food will be there & know exactly what to say to pesky people who ask you about your new diet

Modules Inside the Mini-Course:


  • How to Use this Course
  • Dairy Defined
  • About Your Teacher

Day 1: Your WHY

  • Here you will get clear about WHY you are breaking up with dairy so you can stay motivated in the process
  • Your Negative Why
  • Your Positive Why
  • Write a Breakup Letter to Dairy

Day 2: Mindset

  • Mindset is EVERYTHING and this shift can make the difference between your dairy-free life being temporary or permanent
  • Develop a Leadership Mindset
  • Abundance vs Lack Mindset
  • Learner’s Mindset

Day 3: The Addiction

  • Dairy is An Addiction & What To Expect As You Quit
  • Introduction to EFT/Tapping
  • EFT for Dairy Cravings Video - use as much as needed!

Day 4: Dairy Alternatives

  • What to Eat Instead of Dairy
  • How to Make Things Creamy without Dairy

Day 5: Dairy-Free Outside the Home

  • Eating Dairy-Free at Restaurants
  • Eating Dairy-Free with Other People and at Gatherings

Day 6: Misconceptions & Common Questions

  • The Nutrition Mindset Hack That Will Change Your Life
  • Where Do I Get My Protein, Calcium & Vitamins?
  • Soy / GMO / Allergy Concerns
  • Hidden Dairy & Where To Find It

Day 7: Your Dairy-Free Life

  • Creating Your Dairy-Free Identity (and Sticking With It)
  • Tips to Keep Going 


  • Copy-and-Paste Text Scripts to Communicate with Hosts
  • Scripts on What to Say to Pesky People Asking About Your New Diet

The Breakdown:

7 x Modules on the Step-by-Step Process: $225 Value

EFT/Tapping Video on Dairy Addiction:   $40 Value

Exclusive Dairy-Free Resource Guide: $50 Value


Copy-and-Paste Text Scripts to Communicate with Hosts Before a Gathering: $30 Value

BONUS #2: 

Pre-written Scripts on What to Say to Pesky People Asking About Your New Diet: $30 Value


= Total Value $375 
Today’s Price:


Who This is For:

  • Ladies who are tired of feeling bloated and constipated after eating dairy

  • Hard working women who have to stay within running distance of the bathroom after eating dairy at lunch

  • Women fighting breast cancer who know dairy is a contributor but struggle to give it up because they don’t feel tangible side effects

  • Vegetarians wanting to go vegan but feel intimidated by the process 

  • Gals who say “I could never give up cheese,” while their internal voice says it’s time

There are no accidents.

You were led here for a reason.

Your angels / guides / the Universe / Spirit know it’s time for you to give up dairy & so they brought you EVERYTHING you need to make it happen.

Now the choice is up to you.


BONUS #1: Copy-and-Paste Text Scripts to Communicate with Hosts Before a Gathering

It can be stressful thinking about going to your friend’s party or celebration, not knowing if there will be food you can eat there (now that you’re going dairy-free and are choosing not to eat the pizza or queso). 

These text scripts are easy to copy and paste into messages directly to the host so you can kindly ask questions and get the information you need to take care of yourself AND have a good time.

BONUS #2:  Pre-written Scripts on What to Say to Pesky People Asking About Your New Diet

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more annoying than a judgy friend or family member policing what you put in your body – and asking questions that are quite frankly none-of-their-business.

When starting a new diet it can be intimidating to know what to say and what not to say in reply to their intrusive questions. I’ve got you boo! I wrote scripts for you to practice, so you know exactly what to say in these types of conversations. 

Everything from a simple, kind response to putting up a strong boundary - whatever your style, I’ve got you covered.

Want a sneak peak preview?

Check out the first video from this digital course!


Imagine living your life, eating delicious food, and never feeling bloated again.

What would it be like if you were no longer desperate for the nearest bathroom after having ice cream with your friends, and just enjoying time with them instead?

Imagine no longer having to sneak farts in your friend's bathroom at parties (hoping you don’t crop dust anyone).

How would your life change if living a dairy-free life was easy and stress-free?

Still on the fence about jumping into Break Up with Dairy in 7 Days?

When you dive in, you’ll have 48 hours to go through all the material.

Then you can decide if it was worth the investment. Cool?

Let’s quickly review everything you’ll get with Break Up with Dairy in 7 Days Mini-Course: 

  • 7 modules of videos to guide you step-by-step through the process (small, bite size, easy to digest) that you can go through all at once or one per day

  • EFT/Tapping video for Dairy Cravings (& if you don’t know what EFT is, I’ve got you! There’s a short training inside) to rewire your brain and kick the addiction for good

  • Resource Guide with everything you need to know about dairy replacements + resources + recipes

  • Clarity around what vitamins and minerals you need and how to find in non-dairy foods

  • Answers to the most common questions when going dairy-free

  • BONUS pre-written scripts to help you in social situations (and what to say to pesky people who ask about your diet)



Cheers to Your Dairy-Free Life,

Blake Freedom