Break Up with Dairy in 7 Days!

Get everything you need to finally give up dairy & feel better in your body! 

  • No more bloat, constipation, painful gas, digestive challenges or feeling crappy - time to feel good in your body & at ease with the process of living dairy-free

  • Learn about how dairy (milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream) acts like an addiction in your brain & what to do about it so you can finally quit

  • Create your WHY that will keep you motivated through the break-up process & help you commit fully to your health once and for all

  • EFT/Tapping for Dairy Cravings video that will stop cravings in their tracks (and you can use over and over again)!

  • Mindset hacks that make this process easy and fun (yes, I said fun!)

  • Learn about how you will positively impact the planet, animals and your health by making the switch

  • Get tips on going dairy-free in restaurants and with family

  • Get answers to common questions about what's lacking in a dairy-free diet & how to get the nutrition you need

  • Discover how to make dishes creamy without dairy

  • BONUS: Exclusive Resource Guide with tips, tools, recipes and resources to guide you on your journey

  • PLUS: pre-written scripts you can use to communicate with hosts ahead of gatherings so you know what food will be there & what to say to pesky people who ask you about your diet

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Break Up with Dairy in 7 Days!

Everything you need to finally give up dairy & feel better in your body!