Blake & Luke Break Up - The Story

(from Blake's perspective)

¬†Hi friend ūüíú¬†Thank you for your love and support through this transition - it has¬†shocked us all. ¬†We shared our relationship very publicly from the beginning (on our social media & in our podcast) which was a risk -- but I took that risk because I believe in love and even more than that, I believe in transformation. I don't owe anyone an explanation -- but I want to share this experience from my heart.¬†

Here's what I'll cover in this Storytelling Session:  

-What happened, why we ended and where we are now (the tea)

-What I learned from him, our relationship and the breakup (the lessons)

-How I have grown from this and the fuel it has become for my transformation (the catalyst)

-The self care routines I've been using post-breakup as a balm for my heart and soul (the juicy tips)

-How you can apply these lessons to your own life to experience yourself as more empowered, loved and supported by Life (the mirror)

-And the answer to the question I have been also asked a lot: "Weren't you gay before you dated him?" (more tea & transformation)  

This storytelling session will be recorded very soon -- and you will have the opportunity to submit any questions or curiosities you have on the next page.

 My hope is that this story inspires you. It reminds you how powerful you are. How beautiful it is to grieve. How everything that happens makes us better. Take this inspiration and healing and welcome it into your own world. We all need it right now.

I have put it this format requiring your name + email to create a safe, private space to share from my heart. This is *NOT* a Luke bashing session, but a space of healing and transformation.

I will be sharing this story ONCE and I look forward to opening my heart to yours.

(Note: your information will NOT be shared or sold, I am not trying to sell you anything, you can remove yourself at any time, this is a private space and your info is respected as well.)

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