Reduce Anxiety, Overwhelm and Move Through Grief WITHOUT Expensive Therapy - using EFT Tapping.

Gain complete control over your mental health so you know exactly what to do in moments of stress, and feel empowered that you can deal with anything that life throws at you (without crying spells or numbing out).

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Any of these sound familiar?

  • Your anxiety feels out of control
  • You don’t know what to do when you have a panic attack
  • You feel overwhelmed and either shut down or reach for something to distract you
  • You are struggling to deal with grief from a loss in your life
  • You are numbing your pain with food / alcohol / substances / love / sex / distractions
  • You find yourself crying uncontrollably ending up with a headache and need for a second nap
  • You’ve explored therapy but it’s not getting you immediate results (that stick)
  • You feel like Life keeps serving you shitty sandwiches and you just don’t know how to deal with it all

...and you're just plain OVER it.

I know... anxiety, overwhelm, and grief can feel really hard.

(Let me tell you, you’re not alone!)

  • Mental health is one of the biggest challenges of our society, and we aren’t taught real coping mechanisms as part of our general education
  • Our world is full of more anxiety and stress causing challenges than ever before and we’re encouraged to just “push through it”
  • Grief is one of the hardest things to go through, and we often do it alone
  • I struggled with anxiety, depression, addiction, an eating disorder, suicidal ideation and feeling like life would never get better for years

You’ve been told that costly therapy is the only way to deal with these issues, or that you can't experience relief quickly...

But that's just not true!

What you really need is to learn how to move the e-motions (energy in motion) that is active in your body when you are triggered / experiencing anxiety / overwhelmed / locked into grief - in the moment that it's happening.

I've done this myself and while I've spent tens of thousands of dollars in therapy - nothing like having the ability to move through my own triggers in the moment, has been as empowering or effective as what I'm about to teach you.

I've helped hundreds of others work through anxiety, overwhelm, grief, emotional eating, depression - and it's possible for you too!

Can you imagine?

  • Being able to reduce your anxiety - the moment you feel it
  • Catching overwhelming thoughts and feelings and transforming them into a state of calm and inner peace
  • Feeling a wave of grief coming and move through it with ease, without ending up a paralyzed crying ball on the floor
  • Feeling empowered that you have complete control over your mental health and can handle anything that life throws at you
  • Seeing, feeling and experiencing real shifts in your body - so you actually physically feel relief
  • Knowing exactly what to do whenever you are triggered by a person or event - and feel immediate relief
  • Having the power to quit an addiction - for good
  • Knowing with certainty that it is possible to create real change in your life
  • Having a stronger self care and self love practice
  • The relief from being able to release pent up emotions like anger, sadness and resentment
  • Seeing yourself in a positive light after releasing disappointments in your choices from your past
  • The weight lifted off your heart if you could forgive yourself and other people who have hurt you
  • Clearing the blocks that are keeping you stuck in your life
  • Having the power to transform your pain, experience of feeling trapped and powerless into a state of happiness, peace and freedom!

Say hello to...

The Tapping Toolbox™

The complete EFT Tapping video Training to master the tool you can use on yourself - anytime, anywhere - to gain complete control over your mental health — no therapy session required! 


$722 $111

Packed with over 24 videos and 16+ in-depth EFT scripts.  Just some of the healing videos include:

  • What is EFT, How it works, The Science and Evidence
  • EFT for Panic Attack
  • EFT for Cravings
  • EFT for Grief
  • EFT for Body Image
  • EFT for Fatigue
  • EFT for Headache
  • EFT for Physical Pain
  • EFT for Stress + Overwhelm
  • EFT for Bullying
  • EFT for Self Doubt
  • EFT for Getting Un-stuck
  • Advanced Intuitive Tapping™ Training to Master EFT Without Scripts

...and more!

Whether you are a total newbie or have been around the block once or twice with EFT, this program will empower you to use EFT on your own. Just follow along and the next thing you know, you'll be guiding yourself! 

 Total Value: $722

$722  $111 

👉 Yes! I Want This! 👈

Inside you will…

  • Discover the science behind EFT and how it works
  • Learn and memorize the tapping points (so you can use it in any moment of need)
  • Master how to use EFT Tapping on yourself — whenever, wherever you need it
  • Experience relief from anxiety and overwhelm after a short healing
  • Move through grief without breaking down
  • Know how to stop a trigger in its tracks
  • Learn how to stop cravings and quit an addiction
  • Know that anything is possible and you have the power to heal yourself
  • Take back control over your mental health once and for all
  • Learn how to break through limiting beliefs holding you back from achieving your goals

Wait a sec.... so, what is EFT?

If you haven't been introduced yet, EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.

It is a very powerful tool based on the ancient Chinese practice of acupressure (cousin to acupuncture).

Acupressure has been around for thousands of years and has been used by millions of people looking for alternative means to western medicine.

The basic idea is that when we experience a trauma of any kind (small or big), the imprint of that trauma gets stored in our energy system.

Like a hose with a kink in it, our energy system (think your nervous system, the energy system that drives your metabolism and emotional processing...), is not able to flow in its optimal state.

This causes all kinds of issues including stuck feelings, anxiety, physical ailments, illness, chronic issues and more.


When you go to the source of the issue -- the block in your energy system -- you can remove the 'kink' and let the energy flow -- so that your body/mind/spirit can do what it was built to do NATURALLY: Heal and Flow.

It's All About Restoring Your Flow, and releasing what's stuck.

With EFT we have the power to heal our wounds / traumas / energy blocks.

Thus we heal the physical / mental / emotional / spiritual issues that we experience because of them.

There are certain "points" we lightly tap on (you will learn and memorize these) that connect to ALL the meridians in the body so we do an "overhaul" so-to-speak of any possible energy blocks in our system.

When we focus our attention while we use this acupressure tool we can tune into an issue sitting in our subconscious and release it.

It's extremely powerful (I've been using it for 12+ years) and you will learn EVERYTHING you need to know about this tool and it's miraculous capabilities in The Tapping Toolbox™.

The best thing about it is - you can use it on yourself, wherever you are, on anything you're struggling with - and once you know how to use it (you will master it in this program!) you can truly set yourself free from anything


Whether you are a total newbie or have been around the block once or twice with EFT, this program will empower you to use EFT on your own. Just follow along and the next thing you know, you'll be guiding yourself!  


You will learn:

  • What is EFT Tapping
  • How EFT Works
  • Memorize the Tapping Points
  • The Setup Phrase (Setting up your Healing)
  • About Blake’s Journey with EFT

Value: $77 


The Vault holds 19+ easy to follow Videos walking you through different EFT Tapping Healings

Value $155


In this Category of the Vault you will find EFT Healing Videos for:

  • Panic Attack
  • Grief
  • Body Image Issues
  • Insomnia
  • How Blake Used EFT to Quit THC
  • EFT for Addiction


In this Category of the Vault you will find EFT Healing Videos for: 

  • Headache
  • Fatigue / Exhaustion / Burnout
  • Stress & Overwhelm
  • Physical Pain


In this Category of the Vault you will find EFT Healing Videos for:

  • Standing Up For Yourself
  • Healing the Trauma of Being Bullied
  • Setting Boundaries with Toxic People


In this Category of the Vault you will find EFT Healing Videos for:

  • Getting Unstuck
  • Self Doubt
  • Fear of Change
  • Celebrating Yourself


BONUS #1: Audio Downloads (22+)

Audios of each video to download and take wherever you go so you can easily listen and follow along (you’ll have the points memorized after going through the Foundations!) whenever you’d like

Value: $155

BONUS #2: Detailed EFT Scripts (16+)

Extra-detailed Written Scripts for each Topic in PDF format to download and follow along (these go into even deeper healing than the videos and audios!)

Value: $272

BONUS #3: Advanced Intuitive Tapping™ 

Learn my proprietary form of EFT: Intuitive Tapping™ where I show you how to tune into your body for self-healings so you don’t need me to guide you or even know what to say - you just know what to do! 

Value: $47

BONUS #4: Healing Resource Guide

This Resource Guide will support you in continuing  your personal development and self-healing journey

Value: $17


$722 $111

  • EFT Foundations Training
  • EFT Vault with 19+ Healings 
  • 4 Bonuses (Audio Downloads, 16+ Detailed EFT Scripts, Advanced Intuitive Tapping™ Training, Healing Resource Guide)
  • Self Study - Go At Your Own Pace
  • Lifetime Access 

 Total Value: $722

$722 $111

👉 Yes! I Want This! 👈

Gain control over your mental health you can relieve anxiety, reduce overwhelm and move through grief without numbing through food/substances/people or breaking down crying.

Master EFT Tapping so you know exactly what to do in moments of stress and triggers and feel empowered that you can deal with anything life throws at you in a healthy way. 

Use this tool on yourself - anytime, anywhere - without the need for a therapy session, and experience complete Freedom.

"Blake and her way of practicing EFT totally blew my mind! I have tried tapping before and it did completely nothing for me. I felt it was pointless and I wasn’t one of the “gifted” ones to make that kind of magic happen instantly. Listening to my story and my struggles Blake was so spot on pulling out the scripts for me to tap on that she got me curious to try it out again.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I felt it and saw it right away! I was able to tap starting with her scripts and go with the flow to wherever was coming up for me. During the cycles I felt the release and movement happening.

After doing the rounds of Blake’s scripts I felt a release but didn’t feel better per say - like after meditations. I actually felt emotionally sore. So I was pretty sure it didn’t work. I thought it was just a release of emotions and nothing else. But it totally and completely DID work!

One of the issues I was tapping on I got an email less than half an hour later with everything being well and solved. PLUS a specific limiting belief I’ve been carrying around for ages that I thought would take way more effort than just 15 minutes of tapping to get rid of is gone just like that. Magic! 😀

Weeks went by and I have been around the same situation multiple times and none of the fears and insecurities came back after tapping with Blake’ scripts. Tapping is now a permanent part of my magic tool box. She managed to bring to the other side a total non-believer. Super-recommend Blake to anyone ready to change their reality easy like that."

Raine Boyd

Hey there! I'm Blake.

Over the past 12 years, I have used EFT Tapping to:

  • Heal my Eating Disorder Anorexia/Orthorexia (I just celebrated 11 years recovered!)
  • Quit THC after ingesting for 10+ years and many failed attempts at quitting (I just celebrated 3 years free!)
  • Transition to a plant-based diet without triggering my previous eating disorder
  • Calm panic attacks (especially those sneaky ones that wake me up in the middle of the night)
  • Deal with family drama and keep myself calm so I don't lose my temper (I think it's safe to say we've all been there)
  • ...and so much more.

11 years ago I was extremely sick in my eating disorder, malnourished and planning my suicide. Thankfully I experienced a Divine intervention and entered in-patient treatment, beginning the healing process.

A few years beforehand, I learned EFT from the expert Joe Vitale (of The Secret) and by Divine Synchronicity was guided to a treatment center that taught EFT for aftercare!

EFT was the one thing I had that I could use WHENEVER I was triggered, in pain, feeling overwhelmed by my emotions, pissed off, wanting to use behaviors, feeling physically ill, moving through fear and to change deep core beliefs that caused my eating disorder (mental illness).

As an Intuitive, I naturally began to incorporate using my internal guidance system, and with the help of my treatment team -- I learned to tap into my body (something that was very difficult for me in my eating disorder) -- and Intuitive Tapping™ was born!

Nothing has ever worked for me the way that Tapping has, and I feel SO PASSIONATE about this tool I have to spread the word out into the world!

Over the next decade, I went on to teach tens of thousands of women across the globe how to heal their triggers and body image issues through summits, group events and with my private clients.

I've now been practicing and teaching EFT for over 12 years and am affectionately called "The Queen of EFT". :)

I bring my high-vibe energy into my videos, inspiring and uplifting you to take control of your own mental health and healing!

Whatever it is you're suffering with, whatever pain you are feeling -- I HAVE BEEN THERE -- and I can teach you how to set yourself FREE -- because it's possible for YOU too!

Clearing your energy blocks is the FASTEST way to experience Transformation on all levels - and it has been PROVEN to work.

When you understand how and why EFT works, and you *know* how to use the process, you can then use it in an intuitive way that works for YOU.

You become unstoppable in your own healing and empowerment!

The Tapping Toolbox will help you:

  Become your own Healing Guide by learning the science, process and intuitive form so that the training really sticks

  Help you heal your core issues so you automatically think and act in a different way so you get different results in your life 

  Create new neural pathways in your brain so you go to this tool instead of using other unhealthy coping mechanisms

  Have a FREAKIN' BLAST doing it so you never feel bored tapping again!

  Never second guess the power of EFT Tapping again so you actually USE it!

  Really know this tool so you feel empowered and able to heal yourself easily and in a short amount of time

  Know how to use EFT in the way that works for YOU so you never need another training course again

  Never feel at the mercy of pain, trauma, illness, triggers or negativity EVER AGAIN!


This is for you if: 

  • You have never used EFT before OR you HAVE used EFT but didn't feel like you got real results OR you want to dive deeper into the practice
  • You want to relieve anxiety, reduce overwhelm, move through grief and take control of your mental health
  • You are willing and ready to go through the program, watch the videos and follow along to learn
  • You have a learner's mindset and are willing to suspend any skepticism and try EFT my way :)

This is NOT for you if:

  • You aren't willing to go through the videos and tap along to learn
  • You don't believe change is possible (even if you're skeptic, just a tiny bit of belief is enough)
  • You don't believe in energy medicine 
  • You want a magic pill that works once without repetition (for EFT to work, you have to use it in your life - and it will!)


$722 $111

  • EFT Foundations Training
  • EFT Vault with 19+ Healings 
  • 4 Bonuses (Audio Downloads, 16+ Detailed EFT Scripts, Advanced Intuitive Tapping™ Training, Healing Resource Guide)
  • Self Study - Go At Your Own Pace
  • Lifetime Access

 Total Value: $722

$722 $111

👉 Yes! I Want This! 👈

Test Drive the Tapping Toolbox™
My Guarantee:

I guarantee that you will receive IMMENSE value from the Tapping Toolbox™ and I know that if you complete the training course, you will learn, love and USE Tapping for your own Healing practice! I want you to discover MIRACLES after using this powerful tool like so many of my clients have before!

I’m giving you 48 hours to test-drive the Tapping Toolbox™. If for some reason this training doesn’t meet your expectations, send me a request at hello @ blakefreedom {dot} com for a refund within 48 hours of purchase. All I ask is that you've watched the intro videos and completed the Foundations quiz, and I’ll ask for feedback about how I can make the Toolbox even better. If you aren't satisfied after going through the Foundations and trying at least one healing video, I am happy to return your money in good faith. 

Since all materials are available to access and download immediately, I am trusting that you will use this time to truly evaluate whether it will work for you and be in integrity.


This training is PACKED FULL of high quality content and guidance.

It has been made FOOLPROOF for you to become your own Healing Guide using EFT, and is well worth several hundreds of dollars.

I want to make it easy and simple for you to say YES to your own Healing Journey!

I want you to feel confident in investing in yourself and your ability to take back your power and so you can help yourself create the life you really want. You deserve it!


P.S. -

My Lovely, I KNOW that you are ready to Embrace Your Inner Healer!

You don't want to spend another day feeling powerless, in pain, suffering and trapped in the way you feel.

It is time NOW for you to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER so you can live a fun, happy, free life!

Invest in your own Healing because YOU DESERVE IT!

This program is SO AFFORDABLE, you have no reason to say no!

I can't wait to see you on the other side!


DISCLAIMER: I am not a registered mental health professional and cannot provide medical advice, nor diagnose illness.  I am not a licensed therapist, nor a dietician. My programs can be supplemented with treatment of a therapist, dietitian/nutritionist and psychiatrist (if needed). By purchasing and participating in this program you understand and agree to these terms.

Privacy: Your information collected after payment is secure and never shared. We take your privacy very seriously.