The 6 Pillars - Eating Disorder Group Coaching Program

The Secret to living a FULLY RECOVERED Life without your Eating Disorder is to implement

The 6 Pillars of Recovered Living:


-Healing Trauma

-Mindset + Tools

-Relationship with Food and Your Self



Without these fundamental integrations you will stay in the cycle of struggle with your eating disorder (or disordered relationship with food and your body) and you will not be able to experience what it's like to just have peace around food. 

To not think about it, to eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full. To see yourself in the mirror as the Goddess you are and not point out every thing you think is a flaw. To not experience triggers in a way that take you out of your life and make you spiral. To walk into a room feeling confident and know what you want out of life and actually go out and get it.

This Freedom awaits you.

I'm Blake Freedom and I am 11 years Recovered from Anorexia/Orthorexia/Bulimia.

I was fortunate enough to learn these principles and have lived a Recovered Life with no slips or relapse since I have made them a part of my daily life, but more importantly, a part of my identity.

Through my own journey and the work with my private clients, I have designed a program that can create true freedom.

Women continue to request that I do a group coaching program and I am so excited to share this with you.

In The 6 Pillars Eating Disorder Coaching Program we will spend 3 months together learning and integrating The 6 Pillars mentioned above.

This is not a class, this is not a program you rush through. We will take time to learn each principle and then actively implement it into your life.

You will learn it, then do it in your daily life, coming back to the group for support, help, inspiration and processing as often as you need (daily even).

There will be consistent support through a group forum, weekly calls where we do Q&A, Healings and Integrations. And weekly "food and feelings" drop-ins where you can sit with me live and we have a meal together and process what comes up to heal your relationship with food.

The reason why traditional recovery centers and methods don't "stick" and many women do not *FULLY Recover* is because they are not dealing with the root cause of the eating disorder and are not teaching women how to LIVE A RECOVERED LIFE.

Are you tired of the hamster wheel? The energy, time and money you've spent with therapists, dietitians, nutritionists, treatment centers, practitioners... just to get short term relief but nothing that sticks long term?

I feel so blessed that I have learned these principles and have lived a successful recovered life.

I feel it is my duty to share this with as many women who are struggling as possible.

Because I myself am proof that you CAN be free from your eating disorder - so free, in fact, that it feels like a past life.

When you finish this program, if you show up and apply yourself and do the work and interact with the group you will experience:

-Total Peace with Food

-And appreciation for your Body

-Clear Visions of your deepest Desires and Dreams and have actually made steps forward to bringing them to Life

-Deeper and better relationships with the people in your life

-Community with other women who are on a similar vibration and growing as you are

-The energy and time to live your daily life with ease, relief and peace

You will feel relaxed, grounded in your body, connected to your deepest self and in control.

Hear me: 

You will feel in control.

The eating disorder is a fight for control - you have it because you need to have control (due to trauma that has not been healed).

But what happens is actually the opposite - the eating disorder is an addiction that spirals you *out of control* and keeps you in the cycle.

It is healing the eating disorder that actually gives you back control over your life.

Freedom is possible for you, and you deserve it. I want to show you the way.

Here is a breakdown of the program:

-12 weeks together in a group of women who are all healing their eating disorders
-6 Trainings (one every other week for each Pillar)
-90 minute call each week for Q&A, Healing & Integration
-Weekly "Food & Feelings" Live meal drop-ins with Me
-Group support in a forum with connection to the other women and access to me directly between calls
-EFT Scripts + Meditations + Journal Prompts and more

Every call is recorded and will be available for play back as much as you need. 

As an EFT Practitioner and teacher for over a decade I have taught EFT for Body and Food Healing to tens of thousands of people worldwide.

While I will teach many different tools, this program will center around EFT primarily. Through this program you will master EFT and be using it on yourself intuitively without thinking in your life as you need it.

This program is a beta which means that we are creating it together as a group.

You will be sharing what you are going through and I will be creating custom healings and classes for you. Whatever you are needing as we move through The Pillars you will get.

You will have access to me at a much discounted price from my 1-1 coaching and be growing and healing in a group of women who are just as committed to their healing as you are.

I hope you will decide to join us, as this program will completely change your life forever.

To enroll, book a call with me below so we can chat and find out how this program will fit for you, and I can answer any of your questions.

Spots are limited and we begin the first week of July.

Sending you lots of love and healing and reminding you that YOU CAN DO THIS. 


Blake Freedom

“Blake has helped me tremendously in my journey to Self Love. She has helped me identify my own limiting thought patterns around my body, food and relationships. She’s the person I go to when I need help identifying the patterns that are holding me back, especially when it comes to relationships. She has helped me become a confident woman who prioritizes self care. I would highly recommend working with Blake, she can truly help change your life."

Nadia Vaeh

"Working with Blake has been so powerful. With her help, I was able to develop self love and trust and embrace more self care. I am finally living for myself and my own wants and desires. I definitely recommend working with her."


I literally created a miracle in my life by going through Blake’s process of intuitive healing with her Tapping. It was life changing! I cleared out deep rooted fears and false beliefs after resisting them for so many years!


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