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EFT Tapping 101 Training

+ Anxiety Relief Healing

In this FREE EFT Tapping Video Training you will Learn:
• What EFT is
• How it Works
• The Technique 
+ a mini-healing for ANXIETY RELIEF.


What is EFT Tapping?

This Self Applicable Accupressure Energy Tool can re-balance your nervous system, relieve anxiety, pain and stop cravings

How does it work?

When we lightly "tap" on specific points on the face and body we activate the calm part of the nervous system and re-wire the body and brain

What can I use it for?

EFT can be used for Anxiety, Triggers, Trauma, Addiction, Insomnia, Physical Pain, Grief, Body Image Issues, and so much more 

Learn the EFT basics, Relieve Anxiety
& learn how to use it on yourself to heal! 





Blake, your tapping is TRULY amazing. You have opened my eyes to the beauty and power EFT has. Ever so grateful!


Published Author

Blake your tapping has helped me so much! This is the first time I've felt that I "get it." Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Website Designer

Blake and her way of EFT blew my mind! I've tried tapping before and it did nothing for me. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I felt the release and movement happening.

Meet Blake Freedom

The Queen of EFT, Clairvoyant Coach, Speaker & Indie Artist.

Known as "The Queen of EFT", Blake has been using EFT Tapping for 10 years and has taught tapping to tens of thousands of people over the last decade through Summits, Speaking Engagements and working with her private clients.

Championing 10 years of Anorexia recovery, healed from active suicidal ideations, addiction and debilitating depression, Blake knows what it takes to heal core wounding that causes mental illness and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

She has used EFT to heal her eating disorder, accept her sexuality, work through social anxiety, break free from addiction and manifest her dreams, and is obsessed with getting it into the hands (literally) of as many people as possible.