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"Sweet Blake, in your recovery you’ve become the best coach & resource for others. What I got from your coaching was absolutely amazing. When we first spoke, I was at one of the very lowest times in my life and desperately seeking a life line. There was something in our conversation that gave me hope in finding a way out of the depression and anxiety I was dealing with [in] my eating disorder. Everything we did together, from the exercises we did when I was in serious states of overwhelm, to the way you listen and guided in the very beautiful non-threatening manner you have, always left me moving forward in my recovery. The shift I felt in my behavior (physically, emotionally and spiritually) went from one of being seriously stuck to a feeling of hope, freedom and clear direction. You've made a huge difference in my life and I will always be thankful for the great and fun work we did together! I can't express how grateful I am and will always be for your awesome coaching and how we found each other."



Blake has played one of the most significant roles in my [eating disorder] recovery. When I met her in treatment, she was this magnificent light that wound up serving to illuminate my path out of darkness. Through Blake, I saw what was possible. She stands in her strength, knows her truth and shows up as her authentic self. Blake is the embodiment of freedom: she honors her voice, embraces her body, listens to her soul and nourishes her spirit. With every moment you spend with Blake, she invites you to do the same. There are no words to express my gratitude and love for her.”


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"Working with Blake has been so powerful. She has been a great outlet to process {toxic} patterns. With her help, I was able to develop self love and trust and embrace more self care. I have my time and energy back to focus and follow my passions. I feel at peace and confident in myself and am finally living for myself and my own wants and desires. I definitely recommend working with her."


"I literally created a miracle in my life by going through Blake’s Tapping. It was life changing! I cleared out deep rooted fears and false beliefs after resisting them for so many years!"


Blake, your tapping is TRULY amazing. You have opened my eyes to the beauty and power EFT has. Miracles have happened. TRULY! I am ever so thankful for your contribution to this amazing field! I lost my vision back in the fall and with the help of your Tapping, I re-gained my sight, healed migraines, helped to control obsessive thoughts, battled through anxiety and so much more! Ever so grateful!"


Blake is an Eating Disorder (& Disordered Eating) Freedom Coach & specializes in helping spiritually-minded women fully recover in a Vegan diet / lifestyle. She is a Speaker, Teacher & Indie Artist. Championing 11 years of Orthorexia/Anorexia/Bulimia recovery, healed from active suicidal ideations, addiction and debilitating depression, Blake has learned what it takes to heal the core wounding that causes mental illness and unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

In the last decade she has taught tens of thousands of women around the world how to use EFT/Tapping to heal their relationship with food, body, and anxiety through summits, speaking, trainings and private coaching.

Blake has lived a healthy Vegan lifestyle for 3 years which has required courage and intention, as one point in her eating disorder the lines were blurred between Veganism and Orthorexia. She struggled for almost 2 decades in different forms of her eating disorder before seeking help. She has successfully and continuously lived a Recovered Life even with food sensitivities and allergies. Mastering living in alignment with her morals and values, she has had a healthy relationship with food and her body for over a decade.

Blake is extremely passionate about helping other humans heal their trauma, triggers, anxiety and addictions to become their most authentic self. Her mission is to disrupt the Eating Disorder / Disordered Eating Treatment industry and prove that Full Recovery is possible for everyone - including Vegans! - and to get EFT/Tapping into the hands (literally) of 1 million people.