I help women BREAK FREE from Eating Disorders.

I help them build the identity of Recovered Woman, heal the core trauma that has kept them stuck in their ED / disordered eating and become the master of manifesting the life of their dreams.

I specialize in helping spiritual-minded Vegan Women achieve FULL RECOVERY so they can live in alignment with their morals and values, experience peace with food and feel happy in their body. Yes, it's possible.

Forget this “you'll always live with it, coping each day, recovery is forever” bullshit.

The current eating disorder medical treatment industry is failing women -- because the system is out-dated and is missing the point on dealing with the CORE issues causing the eating disorder (aka the coping mechanism). 

This year I am celebrating 11 years fully recovered from Anorexia/Orthorexia and Suicidality and let me tell you -- I stand here today as a woman who feels like she never even had an eating disorder at all.

If it is possible for Me, it is possible for ANYONE.

I've got the "secrets," so let me share them with you -- so you can fill in the blanks that have been missing on your road to true Freedom.

Also known as "The Queen of EFT," I've been an EFT Tapping practitioner and expert for 10+ years. Through summits, speaking, trainings and private clients, I've helped tens of thousands of people across the globe heal using EFT.

True and complete Freedom is waiting for you -- let me show you the way. Book your Free call now.



In 2011, I was diagnosed with anorexia / orthorexia. At the lowest point in my life, I was living out of my car, couch surfing and actively suicidal. I created a plan to exit my life, unable to live with the internal pain any longer.

At the very last moment, something washed over me. I realized that if I left, there was no coming back - that I did want to live - I just didn't know how. One week later, I left Denver and checked into in-patient treatment in Arizona. I left everything behind and committed to healing.


Fast forward 11 years and I am healthy, happy and live a Vegan life completely FREE from my eating disorder, suicidal thoughts and addiction.  

I am living the life that I would have had if I never even had an eating disorder in the first place. It's just not a part of my identity anymore. I know who I am, I share my gifts with the world and I follow my passions. All of which were waiting for me on the other side of my illness.

I continue to use EFT Tapping today to keep living my recovered life - a new lifestyle and way of thinking - that has allowed me to create the most incredible experiences of which I am grateful for every day. 


I feel like I was given a Gift - the intervention in my suicidal plan, the treatment I received after, and my expertise and passion for EFT Tapping. 

The fact that I have beaten the odds and am FULLY recovered, does not fall lightly on my shoulders. I know that I have some "missing pieces" in the treatment community and not only do I have the passion, but I believe it is my responsibility to teach what I have learned to those who are ready to fully heal.

I want to reduce as much suffering and pain in this world as I can.

It's no accident that you are here reading this. Something about my message and teachings have touched you -- and YOU are meant to find your own Freedom too (and it's 100% possible). 

I whole-heartedly believe that if it was possible for me (and my clients), it is most definitely possible for you too. 


Let's explore what is missing in your Eating Disorder / Disordered Eating Recovery and discover what your life would look like in total FREEDOM (even on a Vegan diet!).