Eating Disorder Freedom Coaching + EFT Tapping

Let's Heal Together

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What It's Like Working With Blake

Catrina L.

Working with Blake has been so powerful. She has been a great outlet to process {toxic} patterns. With her help, I was able to develop self love and trust and embrace more self care. I have my time and energy back to focus and follow my passions. I feel at peace and confident in myself and am finally living for myself and my own wants and desires. I definitely recommend working with her.

Jeff S.

If you’re looking for an impression in your life, work with Blake. She has a key insight, an ‘unnatural’ Clairvoyant ability. Just with her presence and listening, Blake was able to unlock a few things I couldn’t find on my own and bring those to the surface so I could actually start to deal with the parts of me that are sometimes terrifying to reveal.” 


Custom EFT Tapping Script  

Done-for-you script custom to YOUR specific need.

I use the information you give me, my Clairvoyance and connection to my Guides to read deep into the issue and create a healing that will clear out the trauma related to the issue and transition you into a healed state where you have let it go and cleared the way for something new.

BONUS: My Tapping Trauma Healing Meditation that can be used on any trauma. It includes timeline work, matrix re-imprinting and inner child healing. It is super potent - only use if you want real change!


The Tapping Toolbox™ Home-Study Program

Have you wanted to learn EFT Tapping? Do you want to expand your knowledge? This program is packed with over 24 videos and 16+ in-depth EFT scripts. EFT video / audio / script topics are grouped into different categories: Foundations, Mental, Physical, Trauma, Beliefs and even LGBTQ+ 
Just some of the videos include:

  • What is EFT, How does it work, The Science and Evidence
  • EFT for Panic Attack
  • EFT for Cravings
  • EFT for Grief
  • EFT for Body Image
  • EFT for Fatigue
  • EFT for Headache
  • EFT for Physical Pain
  • EFT for Stress + Overwhelm
  • EFT for Bullying
  • EFT for Self Doubt
  • EFT for Getting Un-stuck
  • ...and more!
  • Whether you are a total newbie or have been around the block once or twice with EFT, this program will empower you to use EFT on your own. Just follow along and the next thing you know, you'll be guiding yourself! 

What Students Are Saying

Ay La

OMG you’re amazing. [This script] resonates to the core of me. It’s brilliant and the best investment ever.” 


I literally created a miracle in my life by going through Blake’s Tapping. It was life changing! I cleared out deep rooted fears and false beliefs after resisting them for so many years!"


Blake, your tapping is TRULY amazing. You have opened my eyes to the beauty and power EFT has. Miracles have happened. TRULY! I am ever so thankful for your contribution to this amazing field! I lost my vision back in the fall and with the help of your Tapping, I re-gained my sight, healed migraines, helped to control obsessive thoughts, battled through anxiety and so much more! Ever so grateful!"

About Your Coach Blake

Blake is an Eating Disorder Freedom Coach and affectionately known as "The Queen of EFT " She is a Speaker, Teacher & Indie Artist. Championing 11 years of Anorexia recovery, healed from active suicidal ideations, addiction and debilitating depression, Blake has learned what it takes to heal the core wounding that causes mental illness and unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

In the last decade She has taught tens of thousands of people around the world how to use this tool through summits, speaking, trainings and private coaching.

She is passionate about helping other humans heal their trauma, triggers, anxiety and addictions to become their most authentic self. Her mission is to disrupt the eating disorder treatment industry and prove that full recovery is possible for everyone, as well as getting EFT Tapping into the hands (literally) of 1 million people.