Tapping Toolbox™ Home Study Program

Packed with 24+ videos, 19+ audios and 16+ in-depth EFT scripts, this program will empower the total newbie (or seasoned tapper who wants to go deeper) to master EFT to gain control over their mental health and life. Just follow along and the next thing you know, you'll be guiding yourself! 

What you'll get instant access to in this program:

  • EFT Foundations Training
  • EFT Vault with 19+ Healings 
  • 4 Bonuses (Audio Downloads, 16+ Detailed EFT Scripts, Advanced Intuitive Tapping™ Training, Healing Resource Guide)
  • Self Study - Go At Your Own Pace
  • Lifetime Access

Just some of the videos include:

  • What is EFT, How does it work, The Science and Evidence
  • EFT for Panic Attack
  • EFT for Cravings
  • EFT for Grief
  • EFT for Body Image
  • EFT for Fatigue
  • EFT for Headache
  • EFT for Physical Pain
  • EFT for Stress + Overwhelm
  • EFT for Bullying
  • EFT for Self Doubt
  • EFT for Getting Un-stuck

...and more!

Total Value: $722


What People Are Saying:

Blake! I have to tell you, your tapping style has helped me so much! Because of your unique approach to how you teach tapping, this is the 1st time I've felt that I "get it." You've helped me get in touch with -- and release -- so many deeply-held beliefs that were holding me back. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Blake, your resources are TRULY amazing. Your Tapping Toolbox has opened my eyes to the beauty and power [EFT] Tapping has. With the foundation your program has set – miracles have happened. TRULY! I am ever so thankful for your contribution to this amazing field! I lost my vision back in the fall and constantly and with the help of your Toolbox – I re-gained my sight, healed migraines, helped to control obsessive thoughts, battled through anxiety and so much more! Ever so grateful! Xoxo


I literally created a miracle in my life by going through Blake’s process of intuitive healing with her Tapping Toolbox videos. It was life changing! Not only did I clear out deep rooted fears and false beliefs related to my business success, I became even more committed to personal development practices because I WANTED to after resisting them for so many years! I was finally able to get past those fears and false beliefs that have been holding me back for SO LONG!


$111.00 USD

Terms/Conditions/Disclaimer: I am not a registered mental health professional and cannot provide medical advice, nor diagnose illness.  I am not a licensed therapist, nor a dietician. My programs can be supplemented with treatment of a therapist, dietitian/nutritionist and psychiatrist (if needed). By purchasing and participating in this program you understand and agree to these terms.

Privacy: Your information collected after payment is secure and never shared. We take your privacy very seriously. 

Want some extra clearing as you move through the EFT course? This meditation is an easy plug-play-listen to open your energy and mind to clear blocks and prepare for deep change as you learn and implement EFT in your life. If any part of you feels resistant to creating change, this will set the stage for you! All you have to do is listen! GET INSTANT ACCESS NOW!

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