Meet Blake Freedom (pt. 1)

Apr 21, 2022

Hey there! Welcome to my home on the internet. πŸ™‚ 

If you're new here, let me introduce myself. 

I’m Blake, human being on planet earth. "Geriatric millennial" πŸ˜‹ who remembers dial up internet and playing snake on my first cell phone.


I’m Pansexual/Queer, Vegan and Pro-vaxx. I believe the entire US government system is corrupt AF but if I had to lean one way it would be to the left. 


I don’t understand why we still use the Electoral College to vote and why Daylight Savings is still a thing. Like, get with the times people. 


I’m a tech nerd (previous Apple employee aka cult member πŸ˜‹) and am the one everyone in my family calls (ok, texts) when they really just need to restart their phone to fix whatever issue they’re having πŸ˜†. 


I love anime with a hidden spiritual message like: Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, The Dragon Prince… and I lovvvve documentaries. 


I sometimes watch trash TV like: Married at First Sight, Love is Blind, The Ultimatum because… well, it’s fun to watch the lack of skills people have in relationships. (Is that mean?) It inspires me to be better in my connections and helps me see what tools I can expand on as well as teach others through my platforms. (Why aren't we educated about healthy relationships in school?!)


I do, however, believe that what we absorb in our mind through media matters, and that it shapes our viewpoint and the filters through which we see the world... so, pretty much I'm human (like you!), I like to be conscious and I also enjoy some trash TV from time to time. I'm imperfect and I try to be transparent about that. 


I HATE horror films/TV, true crime, and I think zombie anything is stupid. (Don’t ask me what I would do in a “Zombie Apocalypse” that will never happen.) 


I believe that aliens exist and possibly live within our society, and we are too young in our consciousness to be able to handle that idea, let alone try to fathom how to interact with an inter-galactic species. I love Dr. Steven Greer. 


I do find some conspiracy theories interesting, however I am not Q-Anon and am NOT an anti-vaxxer. I trust the plant-based doctors that I learn about health from and their round table discussion helped me make an informed, medically-backed decision about the vaccine. I believe in Science AND Spirituality. 

What Do Vegan Doctors Think About The COVID Vaccine (virtual round table discussion):


Overall I am a Spiritual person, I let go of my old Christian beliefs that I was raised with to find a healthier relationship with my own higher power. 


Most of the time I believe the Universe has my back, sometimes I think it’s all BS. So I’m human πŸ™‚. 


June 2022 marks 11 Years (!!!) recovered from anorexia/orthorexia and suicidality. I never thought I would make it into my thirties so I’m pretty proud of that. I’m also 2.5 years without THC, an addiction I really struggled with for a decade. I love living life without the thought or feeling of “I need to get high.” 


I currently help womxn FULLY break free from eating disorders via my coaching practice — I’m talking, so recovered it feels like a past life; none of this “you live with it forever and are always in recovery” BS. Post treatment recovery success rate is less than 50% so I am providing the missing pieces that are absent (and NEEDED) in the ED treatment industry — because I’ve done it and have helped my clients do it so it’s 100% possible. (Hint: heal all the trauma - big and little - that you don’t know you have. How do you heal something you can't see? Why, you get the right type of help of course πŸ˜‰.)


I am also affectionately known as “The Queen of EFT” and have taught tens of thousands of people across the world how to heal themselves with EFT Tapping through summits, speaking, trainings and with clients. If you want to learn more, you can access my free training here


Freedom is a name I chose for myself after I broke Free from the shackles that made me want to leave the planet. (I’m so glad I stayed!)


I have 2 kitties (my kids) and am a huge animal lover and care so very much about the planet (hence I am Vegan). 


I also write music and sing, and I currently have 2 singles out on all music platforms: “Be A Man” (sassy song to a cheating ex) and “Goodbye Letter” (heartbreaking, beautiful song to a different ex πŸ˜†) 


I sing and compose but don’t play any instruments, I’m currently adventuring into the world of self-producing so I have more control over creating my music. 

Here are links to my music on Apple Music + Spotify AND you can also find them on ALL music platforms, just search my name. 


I’m hoping to release an EP in the next year and finish writing my first book about how to achieve eating disorder freedom and my journey of Hell to Heaven through the process. 


I love to travel and want to get out of the country more. I’ve been to the Virgin Islands and Cabo, Mexico (but does that really count?) My hope is to go on an African Conservation Safari in the next year. 


I live by the mountains in the dry, cold-ass climate and do not care for it. I’m an ocean girl through and through, but I'm loving spending time with my family while I'm here.


My love languages are: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time (in that order). I’m an ENFJ, Enneagram: 7w8, Human Design: Generator and in general an Empath and HSP (highly sensitive person). I’m extroverted, but COVID has made me more introverted and I've had to refresh my social skills. I don’t smoke weed, I rarely drink, bars are not my thing but I do love me some karaoke. 


My social media jam is Instagram @blakefreedom.


So that’s me in a (kinda big) nutshell!

So nice to make your acquaintance πŸ€— (I’m a hugger!)

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